Custom made speaker cabinets for guitar amps

Have us build something special for you today.

Are you looking to have a custom guitar cabinet made? The speaker factory specialises in designing and crafting custom guitar speaker cabinets including fitting your existing amp into these cabinets. Looking to complete rehouse your combo, or simply have a new speaker cabinet made, then contact us today.

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Louis Electric Rebuild Example                   Wine Buggy 1 x 12" Example      

Custom made speaker cabinet                 custom-guitar-cabinet-wine-taurus-1-x-12-cabinet

Wine Buggy Mini Head Example              Wine Buggy Mini Head 2

Wine Buggy mini head example                    

White 1 x 12" Custom Cab                         Fender Bandmaster Cabinet



So how much does it cost?

There is no real answer as each design is custom however if you assume a basic design then approximately

$349+ for a Mini Head Cabinets

$429+ for regular Head Cabinets

$399+ for 1 x 10" speaker cabinets

$429+ for 1 x 12" speaker cabinets

$449+ for 2 x 10" speaker cabinets

$499+ for 2 x 12" speaker cabinets

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