Vaughn Skow Pickups

Vaughn has become famous as a tone guru and his guitar pickups are a credit to his knowledge and skills in bringing this tone to life. Vaugh specialises in recreating the historic pickups that have become synonymous with great tone. All the standard pickups are available how customs guitar pickup sets can be made.

Vaughns Skows Pickups are now available in Australia through the Speaker Factory.

In the words of Vaughn

The finest electro-magnetic guitar transducers ever produced; made of impeccable period-correct materials by the hands of a dedicated pickup artist who truly cares about you, the guitarist who is equally dedicated to achieving impeccable tone. From one guitarist to another, thank you for making the choice to settle for nothing less than the best; thank you for entrusting me with your tone. I won’t let you down.
Vaughn Skow Guitar Pickups

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