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The pinnacle of pre-CBS fender production, the pickups from this era are considered by many true aficionados to be the best ever produced. I tend to agree. If you are looking for in-your-face classic contemporary Strat tones from the likes of Tommy Bolin and The Edge to Vince Gill and Albert Lee, Look no further; this is it. Calibrated to excel in ALL FIVE positions on a Strat pickup selector; the bridge will be full with just enough bite, the middle position will twang with the best, the neck will sing like a tubular bell, and the in-between positions will drip with complex harmonic content.

“Best of” vintage specs include:

• Hand charged Alnico V vintage staggered sand cast beveled top polepiece magnets.
• Vintage plain Enamel 42ga copper magnet wire.
• Hand-wound by a master craftsman with a distinct scatter-pattern.
• Calibrated for optimum Bridge, Middle, & Neck positions.
• Lightly potted with historic wax potting.
• Vintage cloth push-back pre-tinned wireleads
• Vintage correct vulcanized fiber work
• Vintage pickup height tension conical spring
• Vintage Nickel Pickup height adjustment screws
• Pickup covers - your choice of black, white or cream
• Available with or without Historic ageing treatment.

Average Resistance & Induction at 70-degrees F:
• Bridge: 7.0 K/3.3 Henrys
• Middle: 6.4K/2.8 Henrys
• Neck: 6.0K/2.5 Henrys
(IMPORTANT: Specs change with temperature and many other conditions/variables, especially RESISTANCE.
NEVER use resistance as a firm indicator of a pickups output, tone, or anything else!)


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