Custom Made Guitar Speaker Cabs

The Speaker Factory specialises in custom made unique cabinets with workmanship rarely seen in this line of work. 

If you are looking for something special then look no further, we can build anything your heart desires, with or without speakers loaded into the cabinet.

Here are some examples of our workmanship

This cabinet was built for a customer who amps cabinet was dropped and broken, so he was looking for something really special. The customer selected alligator skin for the sides and faun tolex for the middle. The customer was ecstatic with the result. The attention to detail The Speaker Factory places in its builds are second to none.

Custom Combo guitar cabinet hand made in Brisbane

Careful attention was placed in aligning the skin on both sides to ensure the most professional look possible.


Take a look at the corners on this amp, It takes real care to bring corners together like this on the (fake) skin alligator.

custom guitar cabinets made in Brisbane Australia

A closer picture of another corner.

Custom hand made guitar speaker Cabinets Brisbane Australia

Attention to detail and care at every moment, Take a look at the curves on this speaker hole, it almost looks like a piece of art :)

Hand Made Guitar Speaker Cabinets Australia

Take a look at the care taken on the edges of the internals (near with the backboards are placed), Some builders simply feed the tolex to the first lip for ease of build however The Speaker Factory takes a lot more care to finish off the cabinet build. Also, note the smooth corners at the top near the power switches,

Custom guitar cabinets Australia

So if you're looking for something special than contact us today.