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After a brief stint as the Broadcaster followed by an even briefer stint as the non-labelled "Nocaster", 1952 became the year of the Telecaster! What a year. The pickups in these first-year Teles were virtually unchanged from the smokin’ hot Broadcaster pickups.
Hand-wound good and hot with a distinct scatter pattern and equipped with bright & spanky Alnico III magnetic pole-pieces, these sweeties are simultaneously bright & lively and big & juicy. Yep, this is the ultimate "blackguard" Tele tone, period.

Dead-on vintage-hot Broadcaster era specs include:

Bridge Pickup:
• Vintage correct black vulcanized fiber flat-work.
• Vintage 42ga formvar enamel copper magnet wire.
• Historic Lacquer Potting
• Hand-charged 0.195" Flush mounted Vintage-spec Alnico III sand cast pole piece magnets.
• Copper clad vintage-correct thick steel bridge pickup plate
• Vintage cotton string coil protection layer
Neck Pickup:
• Vintage correct black vulcanized fibre flat-work.
• Hand charged 0.187" Flush mounted vintage-spec Alnico III sand cast pole piece magnets.
• Original early 50's metal cover, deep drawn out of thin brass material with chrome plating.
• Vintage 43ga formvar enamel copper magnet wire.
• Vintage Nickel Pickup height adjustment screws
• Vintage cloth push-back pre-tinned wireleads
• Available with or without Historic ageing treatment.
• Historic Lacquer potting.
• Reverse-Wound/Reverse Polarity for hum cancellation in the middle position

Heres a video to help you in your journey for the ultimate tone.

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