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One of the most recognizable names in the world of heavy metal guitar, George Lynch has recorded more than twenty albums, and is famous for his accomplished and inventive guitar playing. In 2010, George challenged Celestion to build his dream guitar loudspeaker. He wanted a new style of speaker, blending world-renowned Celestion vintage tonality with the capability of providing, on demand, a harder-edged and more modern sound.

Tonally, the G12-50GL Lynchback incorporates the kind of detail and harmonic complexity found in vintage models of the late 1960s, combined with increased headroom, and the attitude, aggression and mid-band character of some of the more modern Celestion speakers. The result is an ideal balance between a detailed vintage warmth that makes your lead sound sing, and an up-front attitude that delivers punchier rhythm tones capable of cutting through the mix.

General Specifications

Nominal diameter                       12", 305mm
Power rating                                 50Wrms
Nominal impedance                     8Ω
Sensitivity                                      97dB
Chassis type                                 Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter                      1.75", 44.5mm
Voice coil material                       Round copper
Magnet type                                 Ceramic
Magnet weight                             35oz, 0.99kg
Frequency range                         75-5000Hz
Resonance frequency, Fs           75Hz

Mounting Information

Cut-out diameter                         11.1", 283mm
Diameter                                        12.2", 309mm
Magnet structure diameter         5.9", 150mm
Mounting slot PCD                      11.7", 297mm
Number of mounting slots          4
Overall depth                                5.1", 130mm
Unit weight                                   7.7lb, 3.5kg


8Ω Frequency Response

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