Brand: Tone Tubby

Product Code: TTGS4140-12-50-8ohm

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Green 4140 (Lightly vulcanized cone surround), features a new ceramic magnet structure and a cone surround treatment.

-The speaker motor action allows the cones to generate micro-cone-fine-granular distortion, which has an alnico-like magnet sound to it. It lacks the traditional crunch at the end of the cone incursion and replaces it with a soft paper chime.

-The Green 4140 has a woody texture with controlled detailed mid-range with no mud. Preserves and amplifies that string edge, string bite, and chime. The lightly vulcanized cone allows an equal amount of bite, crunch, and chime.

-Very fast attack with little or no drag and response to picking, and return to neutral, which reveals subtle and different types of amplifier and pedal distortion. 50 watt

JUST A FEW ARTISTS WHO USE Tone Tubby Speakers...........
Lucas Film * Mesa Boogie * Neil Young * Huey Lewis and The News * Robert Cray * Grateful Dead * Hank Williams Jr. * Carlos Santana * Elvin Bishop * Sammy Hagar * Metallica * Pearl Jam * Bananas * Zero* Different Fur Recording (S.F.) * Hyde Street Studio (S.F.) * Cola * Prairie Sun Recording * Jefferson Starship * Keith Richards * The Rolling Stones * Foreigner * Marty Balin Band * Journey * R E M * Fabulous Thunderbirds * Boz Skags * The Beach Boys * KSAN FM* Ronnie Montrose * Steve Morse * The Fillmore * Saul Zaentz Films * Fantasy Studios * Norton * Buffalo * K V H W * Vinyl* Narada Michael Walden * Tarpan Studios *S.F.Exploritorium *The Tubes* Leo's Music * Last Day Saloon * Blumfield Theaters * Tom Waites* Landmark Theaters * Pacific Theaters * Music Spectrum * Bobby Vega* Phoenix Theater * Laughing Tiger Studios * San Francisco Ballet * Steve Kimock * Hornblower Yachts * New Georges * Dolby Laboratories * Skywalker Ranch * Steve Miller * Budda Amplification* I L M /Industrial Light and Magic * Stroke 9 * Mark Isham * Van Morrison * Sly and the Family Stone * David Grisman * Enterprise Studios / Burbank * Paramount Pictures *Quicksilver Messinger Service * Eddie Money * Tony Saunders * Chris Isaac * Mickey Hart * Buck Owens Productions * Van Halen * Timmy * Robin Trower