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Green 4040 (Standard cone surround), features a new ceramic magnet structure.

-The fast speaker motor action allows the cones to generate micro-cone-fine-granular distortion, which has an alnico-like magnet sound to it. The speaker has the traditional ceramic crunch at the end of the cone incursion but is softened by the Hemp cone’s woody sonic texture. Little chime but more crunch.

-The Green 4040 has a woody texture with controlled thick mid-range. Preserves and amplifies that string edge, string bite, and chime but with more thickness than the other Greens. The non-treated cone allows an equal amount of bite, crunch, and less chime.

-Very fast attack with little or no drag and response to picking, and return to neutral, which reveals subtle and different types of amplifier and pedal distortion.
Crunch is at the end of the excursion but it is greatly subdued.


The ceramic 40/40 has a very large 50 oz. ceramic magnet, larger than most 12” ceramic speakers.  Our proprietary magnetization techniques, cone surface geometry, and voice coil design allow us to dial in the power and strength of the 50 oz., ceramic magnet.  This gives the speaker a very fluid response to the player's touch and great technique dynamics.  The 40/40 has bite and fluidity unequalled.

Tone Tubby® Speakers are the professional hempcone® technology speaker for musical instruments. By using hemp fibres instead of paper, the hemp cone delivers a consistently sweeter sound that many professional musicians rely on to optimize their recording sessions and live performances. From large amphitheatre stage settings to intimate nightclub gatherings, you may have already experienced the Tone Tubby sound! 
Hemp fibres being of a reliable and durable structure, hempcone® speakers deliver an organic and natural sound into the world of new media and technological advancement. Hemp has an archival quality that has proven to last throughout the ages. Hempcone® speaker technology is more than your average speaker cone: It's an investment for the future of your sound. Simple. Beautiful

The Original Tone Tubby®, the favourite of Carlos Santana and many others. Rock-solid bottom end, silky rolled-off highs, and midrange that speaks to you. 

With ample clean headroom and plenty of power, this is a superb all-around speaker.

    Hemp is the name of the fibre that is cultivated from plants of the Cannabis genus. Hemp has been used for industrial purposes including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food and fuel.
    Hemp fibre used for speaker cones provides a durable, tear resistant and water resistant cone. The long fibre of hemp provides better sound reproduction and longer sound waves.

    Hemp vs. Paper
    Hempcone® speakers deliver an organic and natural sound. By using hemp fibres instead of paper, the hemp cone delivers a consistently sweeter sound that many professional musicians rely on to optimize their recording sessions and live performances. Paper cones will dry out, become brittle and give a brittle tone. Hemp provides a rich, full spectrum of tone from a cone that is stronger and more flexible.

    Ceramic vs. Alnico
    Alnico is an iron alloy which in addition to iron is composed primarily of aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co), hence al-ni-co, with the addition of copper, and sometimes titanium. Alnico is inherently a warmer and smoother tone.  Ceramic (ferrite) magnets are composed of strontium carbonate and iron oxide. Ceramic magnets tend to produce a brighter, edgier tone and work great in 4x12 sealed back cabinets.

    Alloy magnets like Alnico have an immediate and temporary demagnetizing reaction to the moving voice coil, lending a smooth compression effect to the signal that feels lively and responsive.
    Ceramic magnets demagnetize less readily and sound edgier and punchier.

    JUST A FEW ARTISTS WHO USE Tone Tubby Speakers...........
    Lucas Film * Mesa Boogie * Neil Young * Huey Lewis and The News * Robert Cray * Grateful Dead * Hank Williams Jr. * Carlos Santana * Elvin Bishop * Sammy Hagar * Metallica * Pearl Jam * Bananas * Zero* Different Fur Recording (S.F.) * Hyde Street Studio (S.F.) * Cola * Prairie Sun Recording * Jefferson Starship * Keith Richards * The Rolling Stones * Foreigner * Marty Balin Band * Journey * R E M * Fabulous Thunderbirds * Boz Skags * The Beach Boys * KSAN FM* Ronnie Montrose * Steve Morse * The Fillmore * Saul Zaentz Films * Fantasy Studios * Norton * Buffalo * K V H W * Vinyl* Narada Michael Walden * Tarpan Studios *S.F.Exploritorium *The Tubes* Leo's Music * Last Day Saloon * Blumfield Theaters * Tom Waites* Landmark Theaters * Pacific Theaters * Music Spectrum * Bobby Vega* Phoenix Theater * Laughing Tiger Studios * San Francisco Ballet * Steve Kimock * Hornblower Yachts * New Georges * Dolby Laboratories * Skywalker Ranch * Steve Miller * Budda Amplification* I L M /Industrial Light and Magic * Stroke 9 * Mark Isham * Van Morrison * Sly and the Family Stone * David Grisman * Enterprise Studios / Burbank * Paramount Pictures *Quicksilver Messinger Service * Eddie Money * Tony Saunders * Chris Isaac * Mickey Hart * Buck Owens Productions * Van Halen * Timmy * Robin Trower