Custom Guitar Cabinet Wine Taurus 1 x 12 Cabinet

This cabinet is something we seem to build over and over, a favourite amongst customers. A wine Taurus Tolex with Tan Wheat Grill Cloth, Dark Brown Handle, a Jensen P12R and of course Chrome Corners. The customer in this case specifically requested not to show and screws on the front grill cloth and a slight face board on the front. 

wine taurus custom guitar speaker Cabinet main

Attention to detail on every corner :)  Note how tight the front grill cloth is and the very neat fit. These are the subtle difference between a good and a great cabinet.

Wine Buggy Taurus custom made cabinets available today

The back of the cabinet, single small jack plate, super smooth rounded sound hole, It looks a million dollars

custom made guitar speaker cabinets 1 x 12" speaker

Dark Brown Handle with Chrome Corners, Note the rivets holding the corner in, once again its the little things that make the difference.

Custom made guitar cabinets speakers