Here is an example of a wine buggy min head we completed for a customer. The customer had purchased a Ceriatone Head and built a cabinet for himself however after seeing the quality of the speaker cabinets we build he requested that we build something a bit special for his head. after a few discussions, this is the result.

Wine Buggy Taurus, Gold Piping, Dark Brown Leather Handle, Large Rubber Feet with a stylised oval cutout and wheat grill cloth.

Custom Wine Buggy mini amp head cabinet

A front face straight on view of the head. Note the unique shape of the oval. 

Wine Buggy custom amp cabinet hand made Brisbane

Nice tight corner joins, smooth edges, attention to detail to ensure any visible part of the amp cabinet is presented in the best possible way 

Wine Buggy Custom amp head built in Brisbane

Another close up of the corner to show the quality of the build.

Wine Buggy Custom head cabinet, designed and built in Brisbane