So you want to trade in your speaker.

We do consider trade-ins on new speakers but this is really focused on newer speakers that worth reselling, we don't want rotted or failed speakers, we don't want old speakers.

The speaker factory will consider trade in on speakers based on the following guidelines. Please do not contact us trying to extend the age, value or terms.

  • The speaker, ideally will not be more than 5 years old.
    • Proof of purchase for either the amp or speaker box or speaker may be required.
  • We only trade in known brands such as
    • Electro Voice
    • Eminence
    • Celestion
    • Jesen
    • WGS
    • Tone Tubbby
    • OEM for big brand guitar amps such as Vox, Marhsall, Mesa
  • The value of the speaker will be 20% of the new price of the speaker or a similar replacement (sorry but we really don't want to be flooded with second-hand speakers)
  • Our first price offer is first and final.
  • The value of the trade may not represent greater than 30% of the value of the new replacement speaker.
  • You must bring the speaker in a working combo amp or speaker box to the Northside of Brisbane for testing
  • If we agree that this speaker is worthy of trade in we will apply a discount code for payment, this code is not exchangeable for cash and can only be used towards products available for purchase on

Please do not

1. Try and haggle with us on this deal, we are not going to change our thoughts any of these conditions no matter how good you feel your speaker is.

2. Don't try an pass your faulty speaker on to us. We have ways of testing it.

3. Don't offer us, broken speakers, no matter how much you feel they are worth.


If you feel these conditions