Warehouse Guitar Speakers

WGS® is a speaker manufacturer based in Paducah, Kentucky, a small town with a large history in speaker production. This includes the original CTS company, Credence Speakers, Voice Coil Communication, and Hawley Products - the oldest paper cone manufacturer in the world. In 2006, WGS began offering two models of British voiced, handmade guitar speakers direct to the public. These two models are the Veteran 30 and British Lead. 

Today they build over 20 custom Alnico and Ceramic magnet guitar speakers which celebrate the golden era of speaker manufacturing in the USA and England during the 1960's and '70s. Think of our speakers as a premium upgrade.

Warehouse Guitar Speakers also invests in the best materials and employees available, and believe customer service is equally important as a great product; we really care about your tone and believe we have created an American Vintage or British Invasion speaker or combination of speakers for every player.

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American Vintage                      British Invasion

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