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WGS Shootout

The ET90 vs. Veteran 30

What the video linked to the image on the left. Two awesome speakers that have really changed the game. Hand made in the USA. One of the cheapest easiest mods you can do to really bring your amp to life. I have listened to customers time and time again compain about a great amp not sounding as they expected. The speaker is usually the issue.

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Looking for a custom head cabinet, then email us today with your ideas, We are always happy to help bring your idea to life.

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Want to rehouse your favourite amp, or take a head and make it a combo, Let us know what you are thinking, The Speaker Factory specialises in hand crafted cabinets.

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Are you looking for something really special? We are specialist in designing custom speaker and head cabinets. Check out our examples in the speaker cabs menu bar.

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