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The 10" that thinks it's a 12". This guitar speaker was developed to recapture the legendary sound of Celestion's 1970s 10s - a 10" speaker with a surprisingly meaty tone. Low in output but with the weighty low-end balance of a 12", the G10 Greenback features a complex, creamy mid-range and smooth, vintage top-end.In small combos, this speaker adds real class, and when combined in a 4x10 gives rise to a raunchy, full-bodied tone, rich in low-end thump.

Please note: Due to the large variations in speakers the handling time on Celestion is up to 7 working days.

General Specifications

Nominal diameter                    10", 254mm
Power rating                            30Wrms
Nominal impedance                 Available 8Ω or 16Ω
Sensitivity                                 95dB
Chassis type                             Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter                   1.75", 44.5mm
Voice coil material                     Round copper
Magnet type                              Ceramic
Magnet weight                          14oz
Frequency range                       95-5500Hz
Resonance frequency,               Fs98Hz
DC resistance, Re                      Available 6.4Ω or 12.05Ω

Mounting Information

Cut-out diameter                        9.0", 229mm
Diameter                                     10.0", 254mm
Magnet structure diameter         4.9", 124mm
Mounting slot dimensions          0.25 x 0.43", 6.5 x 11mm Ø
Mounting slot PCD                     9.6", 245mm
Number of mounting slots          4
Overall depth                              4.0", 102mm
Unit weight                                 3.5lb, 1.6kg


8Ω Frequency Response

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