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A worthy successor to the Vintage 10, the G10 Vintage is a 10" speaker with bags of attitude. Using powerful ceramic magnets and the same voice coil design as the Vintage 30, the G10 packs an impressive punch with its 60W power handling.With the fast response of a 10" but with the strong and creamy vocal tones of a 12", the G10 is the ideal choice to add depth to hollow- sounding amps, or for players who want to get humbucker-type girth from single-coils. Can be used singly to add vocal warmth to small valve combos, or in quartets for a weightier but still lively attack.

Please note: Due to the large variations in speakers the handling time on Celestion is up to 7 working days.

General Specifications

Nominal diameter                   10", 254mm
Power rating                           60Wrms
Nominal impedance               Available 8Ω or 16Ω
Sensitivity                               97dB
Chassis type                           Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter                 1.75", 44.5mm
Voice coil material                   Roundcopper
Magnet type                            Ceramic
Magnet weight                        31oz, 0.88kg
Frequency range                     100-5500Hz
Resonance frequency, Fs        115Hz
DC resistance, Re                   Available 7.47Ω or 12.33Ω

Mounting Information

Cut-out diameter                    9.0", 229mm
Diameter                                 10.1", 256mm
Magnet structure diameter      5.3", 134mm
Mounting slot dimensions       0.2 x 0.3", 6 x 8mm
Mounting slot PCD                  9.6", 245mm
Number of mounting slots       4
Overall depth                           4.1", 104mm
Unit weight                               5.3lb, 2.4kg

8Ω Frequency Response

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