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Pulse 10

With its robust steel-chassis, the PULSE10 is a 10 inch bass guitar speaker that provides a rock-solid bass performance whether alone in a single speaker combo, in a 4x10 or even an 8x10 cab. Expect a tight, punchy low end with a warm mid-range that’s full of presence, bringing focus and articulation to your playing. This heavy-duty driver truly delivers bass you can feel as well as hear.

Please note: Due to the large variations in speakers the handling time on Celestion is up to 7 working days.

General Specifications

Nominal diameter             10", 254mm
Power rating                     200W
Nominal impedance          8Ω
Sensitivity                          94dB
Magnet type                      Ferrite
Voice coil diameter            2", 50.8mm
Coil material                      Copper
Cone material                    Kevlar loaded paper
Former material                 Polyimide
Surround material              Cloth-sealed
Frequency range                45-3500Hz
Xmax                                  0.15", 4mm
Gap depth                          0.31", 8mm
Voice coil winding width     0.62", 16mm

Small Signal Parameters

D                                        0.21m/8.3in
Fs                                       68Hz
Mms                                   32.9g/1.16oz
Qms                                    2.54
Qes                                     0.53
Mmd                                   29.26g/1.03oz
Qts                                      0.44
Re                                       6.03Ω
Vas                                      25.8lt/0.91cu.ft.
BI                                        12.88Tm
Cms                                     0.15mm/N
Rms                                      5.79kg/s
Le (at 1kHz)                          0.92mH

Mounting Information

Cut-out diameter                  9", 229mm
Diameter                               10.1", 256mm
Mounting slot dimensions     0.24x0.31", 6x8mm Ø
Mounting slot PCD                9.6", 245mm
Number of mounting slots     4
Overall depth                          4.3", 110mm
Unit weight                              6.6lb, 3kg

8Ω Frequency Response

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