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Warehouse Guitar Speakers

So what is all the rave about?

Why is WGS taking the market by storm?

Well, where else can you find handmade speakers any more? Made by hand in the US of A. This is a business that has made its mission in life to build the best affordable speakers on the market. Let me clear.. they don't compromise to make them affordable.. they just have a mission to make them affordable for the market.

Why? Well, they love music and its the driving force for them.

I have personally set up several cabinets with WGS speakers and they are truly amazing speakers. Yes, I know what you're thinking "You sell them, of course, you would say that." but here's the thing. I didn't own the speaker factory when I bought them. 

In fact, I wrote to the Speaker Factory asking if I could buy them for my other business but they were very clear on WGS's mission. The best speakers at Affordable prices and if everyone adds a margin then they are no longer affordable. So when The Speaker Factory came up for sale, well, I bought it.

HAve a look around the web for reviews, You don't find any negative ones and here's one I found that tries out several in a quick change scenario.. check it out

  • Jul 22, 2018
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